It’s time…!

“It’s time”, the sky Whispered,
the stars gently said it too,
For the darkness to pass and
All the pain you have been through
With a lingering glance.
My eyes pierced the night,
A stroke of cosmic clarity
Understanding in hindsight,
That every single moment
Of uncertainty and sorrow,
Had summoned me to grow
In preparation of tomorrow
But I was truely ready
To bid the night farewell,
For I would become accustomed to
This strange, nocturnal spell.
And in this broken gloom
I had oddly found my light,
Sometimes forgetting that,
I was still caught within the night.
It’s TIME, the sky Whispered
OH! I knew it was true!
I had wished upon my scars
To feel this morning dew.
And now the veil was lifted
Turning the darkness away,
Dawn unfolded from on high,
And I ran to greet the day!
source:Mirror to emotions



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